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Contemporary Australian Aboriginal art is at once the most ancient and the very newest of artistic traditions, drawing on 40,000 years of unbroken cultural tradition that still conceives of Land, Spirit and Man as a connected and balanced whole. The spectacular flourishing of Australian Aboriginal painting after the mid-1970's is among the most important developments of twentieth century art. Using modern acrylic paints, a limited repertoire of symbols and a distinctive aerial perspective, Australia's indigenous artists create paintings of unique power, managing to be both organic and geometric at the same time.

Aboriginal paintings are generally done outdoors, with the painting lying on the ground. The artists work their way around the canvas, applying paint from more than one direction, giving the paintings their distinctly non-western perspective. Their works are still based today on historical images and ideas; maps of waterholes and ancestral activities, the re-telling of Dreamings (the spiritual basis of Aboriginal culture) or ceremonial body painting designs.

Each painting is a re-enactment of connection to country and every painting also contains its own song, as everything in this world was sung into existence by the ancestors.The songs given to the people by the ancestors have always been used to used to remember and teach all of the intellectual, cultural and spiritual knowledge of the people. The paintings today are the modern expression of this ancient and valuable knowledge.

The aim of this blog is to showcase the deep variety and dynamism of this fantastic art movement.
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Teresa BakerKalaya   2011
59 x 78 inches